ANTHRAX 'FISTFUL OF METAL' LP (Gold, Black, & Red Splatter Vinyl)

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LABEL: Bandbox
VARIANT: Gold, Black, & Red Splatter Vinyl LP

Anthrax’s raucous and untamed 1984 debut album, 'Fistful Of Metal', pressed on Gold, Red & Black Splatter colored vinyl. The first record from the New York City thrash metal quintet is as brutal and shocking as the graphic cover art, which was initially banned in Germany for being too violent. With 'Fistful Of Metal', Anthrax boldly and brazenly announced themselves in the hard rock scene with a venomous collection of songs that takes no prisoners and doesn’t let up once over the course of its 35 breakneck minutes. “Deathrider” bursts out of the gate with frantic guitar riffs galore courtesy of Dan Spitz and Scott Ian, while “Metal Thrashing Mad” serves as the unruly mission statement for the band that they still adhere to nearly 40 years later. Their cover of Alice Cooper’s 1970 hit, “I’m Eighteen,” was a tempestuous way for the band to connect the musical dots between their speed metal sound and the shock rock legends. The album’s second side doesn’t let up at all, with the album’s riotous lead single “Soldiers Of Metal” followed by thrash anthems “Death From Above” and “Anthrax” to reinforce the music pestilence that the band was spreading.


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