DOPE 'BLOOD MONEY PART 1' LP (Opaque Deep Red Vinyl)

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VARIANT: Opaque Deep Red Vinyl LP

“Blood Money picks up where our last album No Regrets left off,” says Edsel.“It is heavy, melodic, and technical, and like all Dope albums, it is extensive in its song selection and sound, while also touching on a variety of topics.

Blood Money is also a bit more of a personal album for me, a bit more of a look inward, rather than me looking outward on this album.  I went  through a lot of growth, on a personal level, over the last few years and some of that is depicted in the new music.”

The massive hard work and undertaking that went into  2009’s No Regrets were somehow taken a step forward with Blood  Money,  breathing a  refreshed sense of excitement and anticipation into the Dope community.

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