MUDVAYNE 'L.D. 50' 2LP (Import)

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Limited double 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket including six page insert.

With 2000’s L.D. 50, which was executive-produced by Slipknot’s Clown, Mudvayne took critical flak for their gimmicky carnivalesque image, but the album’s prog-rock experimentalism and virtuosic playing hold up amazingly well. The Illinois quartet — singer Kud, guitarist Gurrg, bassist Ryknow and drummer sPaG — called their sound “math-metal,” tongue somewhat in cheek, but the rapping on tracks like “Under My Skin” and the very of-the-era trappings forever bind Mudvayne to nu-metal, even if they would soon abandon the face paint and pseudonyms.

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