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Though singer-guitarist Wayne Static's towering hairdo sometimes overshadowed his band's creative output, Static-X's irresistibly syncopated and beautifully streamlined debut album brought a fun industrial danceability to nu-metal's down-tuned sturm und drang. The band wouldn't match the minimalist sublimity of rafter-shaking bangers such as "Push it," "Bled for Days" and "Fix" over the course of its five following LPs, and with Static's death in 2014, all chance of that ever happening vanished.


1 Push It
2 I'm with Stupid
3 Bled for Days
4 Love Dump
5 I Am
6 Otsegolation
7 Stem
8 Sweat of the Bud
9 Fix
10 Wisconsin Death Trip
11 The Trance Is the Motion
12 December

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